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  Meet Ginger Cat Crafts!  

Welcome to Ginger Cat Crafts - a small, independent business run by me, Sarah!

My business name was inspired by my two gorgeous ginger tom cats, Logan and Murdoch.


I love being creative and I like using different mediums to produce top quality products and keepsakes to be enjoyed by you and your loved ones.


My passion for my string art crafts started after I received an amazingly simple but cute string art heart for Christmas, and I loved how simple yet intricate it was.


When I first started to create string art, the designs were not particularly good but after trial and error and trying different tools and techniques I create so many different designs such as animals, celebration designs and line drawings. I now love being able to create string art with a variety of different mediums such as alcohol inks and textured threads.

Since then, I have created multiple designs for string art DIY kits to bring my passion for the art, to you!


In my spare time, when I am not chasing after the kitties and my daughter, I enjoy creating digital line drawings, bringing simplicity to your special moments, captured in photo form.

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